Sulvida – “Love Over Loss Pt. 1”

Sulvida, a San Diego native, has just finished his upcoming project (“Love Over Loss Pt.1”) which is a Future Bass/Trap filled EP designed to tug on your heartstrings and provide you with a soundtrack for the summer! With blazing hot singles in “Wake Me Up” and “Ghostin’”, Writer Brand News caught up with Sulvida to talk about his latest release!

Thanks for taking time to sit down with us, Sulvida! Something we like to do here, before we get started, is first ask what city/town are you from and what it’s like growing up there? We find it interesting to know where people come from and how it influenced their music.

I was born and raised in San Diego, California, and it’s probably my favorite city in the world. I left San Diego for college and spent a couple of years in NYC after that, which I loved, but eventually moved back to my hometown where I live currently. I grew up mostly in the suburbs and would say I had a pretty great childhood. There’s so much to do and explore here, whether you’re a kid, an adult, or somewhere in between (I put myself firmly in the “in between” category).

Nothing wrong with that, it’s a great place to be in your life – not too old, not too young. You know, we’ve often heard great things about San Diego and how beautiful life can be there! Would you say, during that transitional period in your life with moving back and forth, that the music scene was drastically different in New York than it was in San Diego?

Well, it’s hard to really compare anything to a city like New York. NYC is a place where no matter what you’re into, no matter how obscure, you can find other people into exactly the same thing and venues, events, and experiences that will blow your mind. The vastness of the different cultures and lifestyles in a city like New York is difficult to find anywhere else, at least in my experience.

To be honest, when I moved back to San Diego three years ago, I wasn’t confident that it would live up to the amazing life that I enjoyed in NYC — I left San Diego when I was 17 and hadn’t really ever experienced the city as an adult. However, while the sheer quantity of things to do is never going to match NYC, I was pleasantly surprised that if you’re willing to do a little digging, you can find some incredible places and activities, especially when it comes to nightlife and the music scene.

So it gets pretty lit out there in San Diego is what you’re telling me – right? Like are we talking clubs, parties, celebrities, or . . .

Now, more than in the past, pretty much all the big names come through San Diego, as well as a lot of the smaller acts. There are a number of different venues varying in size and ambiance that I think really cater to an eclectic music taste, whether you’re into mainstream EDM, Underground House, Pop, Reggae, Rock, or anything else. As an example, my favorite festival to attend every year is CRSSD Festival because of the amazing lineups, an incredible outdoor venue, and a laid back atmosphere that is quintessentially San Diegan. Anyway, as you can see I can talk a lot about my city, maybe I should ask them to pay me as a spokesman!

I see nothing wrong with it! Just thinking about the music and awesome nightlife you describe so vividly makes me want to fly out there already – who do we need to speak with to make this happen? [Laughs] So for those that are just now jumping onto the Sulvida wave, how would you describe your overall sound of music?

Well, I try my best to make music that resonates with me deeply, and hopefully with others as well. I enjoy bangers as much as the next guy, but for me, the music that impacts me the most also has an inherent emotional aspect. I’d place most of my current music in the realm of Future Bass/Trap, with other genres sprinkled in as well.

Bass/Trap is definitely where it’s at right now and that’s exactly what we were thinking when listening to your music; it’s just flat out dirrty (yes, we really did need the extra “r” for emphasis) and hits all the feels in the right way. Who would you say are influences in helping to shape and craft your sound?

Some of my biggest influences are RL Grime, Porter Robinson, and What So Not; I love how they’re able to create huge, impactful productions, but typically also a strongly emotive, melancholy feeling. Sad music seems to connect with me the most – maybe that says something about me.

I think it says something about everyone. Sad music connects well with people! I think the reason why that is, is because it’s truly therapeutic for sound to depict how we feel – and when a specific song is relatable, it does wonders for our mental state; good for you for being able to be influenced and converting all that energy into your own style! Now, your EP cover is very fun to look at because there’s a lot going on – how did that all sort of come about? Take us through that process and where did you draw your inspiration from?

Glad you like the EP cover! I have to give a lot of credit to my friend Matt Farrington at Maui Diego. I came to him with a vision in mind, of doing something that visually represented “love over loss” in a literal sense, as well as trying to do something where each single had a cover that then combined to form the EP cover.

Wow! I’m blown away by how genius that is. I don’t think most people would have thought of that – but go on!

We worked hard to come up with a concept that fit my vision but also didn’t have so much going on that it didn’t make any sense (thanks to Matt for talking me down from some of my original ideas).

Anyway, you’ll notice that each image contains a representation of love, centered over a representation of related loss. For this cover, there’s a young couple at the drive-in together, juxtaposed with an image of a video store going out of business, something nostalgic for many of us 80’s/90’s kids. The other pair includes someone loving their time on a roller coaster, centered above an abandoned and ruined water park. All these pictures were taken by Matt and I’m really proud of the final version!

Speaking of the EP, I believe it releases in a few days!

Yeah, the EP is being released Friday, June 1st!

Takes us through producing it all and putting it together. The Mixing & Mastering sounds amazing – from an Engineering standpoint, it’s done brilliantly.

Thanks for the kind words about the mixing/mastering.

You’re welcome you’ve earned it! Was this the type of record that was done and recorded in a short period because you were in the groove and in the moment of it all, or did you really have to sit back and take your time to get this project to where it is now?

For a long time, that was my biggest weakness, and I still feel that it’s an area I can continue improving in. You know, this EP is definitely not something that was done in a short amount of time. Some of my best songs have come together rapidly, and some of these songs came together rather quickly. However, I started working on all these songs between 1-2 years ago. Some of the songs sound very similar to how they originated, others really evolved over time. Most of them have actually been finished for quite some time now but I’ve been extremely busy with other projects and was forced to sort of neglect some of my own pursuits. I do a lot of freelance production/audio work so sometimes it gets difficult to take a step back and focus on my own music! I’m excited to finally release these tunes, though, and have been super grateful for all of the positive feedback I’ve received so far.

The best albums seem to always be those that actually take a few months (years in some instances) to complete. Personally as music fans, I think that’s something we should embrace more often – nowadays with music being so accessible, it can be easy for artist to release music in such a speedy fashion; however, taking the time to zone in on a project as you have with “Love Over Loss Pt. 1”, the extra time spent on perfecting the EP does not go unnoticed! It’s all about quality over quantity and this EP does not disappoint.

Now your leading single, “Wake Me Up”, is available everywhere and Andrew Capra (“Andrew London”) did a phenomenal job on the vocals. How much of a game-changer is it to have such a respectable talent join forces with you to make such an incredible song for the summer?

Being able to work with someone that has Andrew’s talent and skill makes a huge difference in realizing a vision that I have for a song. He did an excellent job and I’m really stoked on the outcome. I’m excited to have new collaborations in the works with some other really awesome vocalists that I’ll be able to share with you guys soon!

Well we’d be very much excited to hear them when they’re complete, some please send them our way! Now of the four (4) songs on the Ep – “Kamikaze”, “Ghostin’”, “Wake Me Up”, and “The One” – is there one specifically that is your favorite? Or is there one you had the most fun making?

Obviously, as the person who created them, it’s tough to pick a favorite song from the EP. However, if I had to, I’d probably pick “Ghostin’“. This is the first song that I fully sung the vocals on (with a lot of post-production help because I really can’t sing) and it really felt like something special while I was making it. It centers around a subject that hits close to home and I think many people in today’s dating culture can connect with.

Agreed! There’s something about the tune on that one that simply sticks and stays in your head.

I think the hook is super catchy and the song in general has a lot of crossover appeal. Anyway, I enjoy all the songs on the EP but “Ghostin’” is definitely one that stands out to me

So “Love Over Loss Pr. 1” is scheduled to release soon. The music heads are really going to love this one. Is this something we can expect more of? For instance, is it safe to say that there will be a “Love Over Loss Pt. 2” released at some point this year or next, or is it still too early to tell?

I haven’t officially announced it yet, but “Love Over Loss Pt. 2” will be released later on this summer. Really excited about Part 2; it includes four (4) collaborations with some amazing vocalists and I think it really builds on the energy of Part 1.

If it’s anything like “Love Over Loss Pt. 1”, my head might spin – because I truly believe that this is a very well put together project, and anything better than this would simply be legendary! I want to truly wish you all the best with the development with “Love Over Loss Pt. 2” and all of your further endeavors. Please send us the finished copy as soon as your down with it – we’d love to review it.

As far as “Love Over Loss Pt. 1” goes, do you have anything planned for the big release date? Where will you be once this Ep goes live for the entire world to hear?

To be honest, after [it] releases, it’ll be nice to take a short break from putting out music! It’s a lot of work when you’re doing it all independently. I don’t have too much planned to celebrate this one — I’ll actually be headed up to LA the following day to jump back into the studio to write some new music with a friend of mine, so that should be fun. Other than that, I’d love to make a music video or two over the summer for songs from Part 1 – but I’ll have to see what happens. I’m thinking I’ll probably throw a big release party once Part 2 comes out!

Where can fans tune in and hear the entire EP?

The EP is now available on pretty much every platform, the best way to stream/download is via the fanlink below which will take you to the EP on whichever service you prefer.

Stream/Download “Love Over Loss Pt. 1” –

What about Social Media?

I’m on most social media platforms but I am definitely most active on Instagram and Facebook, so you can always reach out on there! I’m trying to get better at tweeting more regularly but that’s something that’s never come too naturally for me.

And how about live shows? Any place in particular we should expect you soon?

As far as seeing me live, I just got asked to play next Friday at Avalon Hollywood for CONTROL LA, with Jayceeoh and Jaykode – so if you’re around that area come on through! This summer, I’ll be spending a month back out in NYC and will hopefully spin some shows while I’m out there. Otherwise, I’ll continue performing down here in San Diego and hopefully get back to traveling around a bit more soon!

Well best of luck to you going forward and keep making great music; you’re doing an incredible job and we’re very excited for more to come!


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